For the past few years, white and lighter shades have been all the rage, but now we’re seeing something of a backlash. Things have been turned on their head and all of a sudden, dark colours are hot stuff. In the worlds of both fashion and interior design, the mystery and luxury of black has come into its own. The colour can elevate even the smallest of spaces to a higher level. Made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Start by bringing a touch of dark night into your home!




Dark colours can evoke conflicting emotions: on the one hand there’s something gloomy about them, but on the other hand they exude luxury and class. This is true in every area of our lives. Yet

the idea of really going to town with colours like black, Bordeaux or deep green still strikes fear into our hearts. But it now turns out that this fear is unjustified.


If there is one area where black is universally accepted, then it’s in the fashion world. And this should come as no surprise: the colour is timeless, elegant and yet just a tiny bit cool. For example, the little black dress, the obligatory suit jacket or the black bag have become absolute classics in many a wardrobe. When you add a top quality fabric such as leather, wool or suede, you’ve got a piece of clothing that radiates class. So by integrating black into your look, you’re also making a real statement. What’s more, just like white, the colour is endlessly combinable with other dark and light shades, or a whole range of accessories. However, what many people fail to see is that exactly the same is true of your home.





Using minimalistic white as the basis for your interior is of course a safe choice, but for the same reason it can cre- ate a rather spartan, even boring effect. Why not opt for a darker shade for once? A dark colour creates a convivial, warm setting, and by adding cosy lighting you are sculpt- ing the perfect mood for a winter evening. What’s more, it lends a touch of character and class to your home and even – contrary to popular belief – has a space-enhancing effect. This is because dark shades blur the edges of a room, thus creating an illusion of endlessness. Thus the space as a whole seems roomier and the dark colour has the opposite of a diminishing effect!





Just like black, Bordeaux, ochre, dark green and dark blue are also on the rise as interior colours. All of these are dra- matic shades that take us back to the roaring twenties and the spectacularly glamorous parties that were held during that era. On the wall, they also chime perfectly with strik- ing details and decorations such as mirrors, frames and art. Glass chandeliers, marble details and a touch of gold can be paired with the darkest colours to immediately lend a space a luxurious air.

So feel free to forget about that overly tidy and often rath- er empty look, and instead embrace the idea of decoration and ornamentation with a few expressive details. When com- bined with a strong, dark base, these can lift up pretty much every room in the house – even the smallest one – to a higher level.





On the subject of that strong base, your choice of flooring can also help you to create that dark night look. Opt for a base that will add that little something extra to your home right from the word go. For example, the powerful black shade of Quick Step’s Castello parquet adds character and temperament to a space. Or why not choose something a little more grandiose and opt for the latest Massimo par- quet collection, with its extra wide and extra long planks? The result is a chic overall effect bursting with natural charm. With its tangible woodgrain and knots, this timeless oak floor is a truly ancient material, and is often the centrepiece of a room.

Are you searching for the look of real wood combined with ease of maintenance? Then opt for an imitation wood floor, which will perform every bit as well as the real deal. Majes- tic Laminate not only has the realistic and luxurious look of an authentic oak floor, but also has a whole host of practical advantages, including being both wear and water-resistant. Opt for a dark brown shade, which is more than ever the go- to colour for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Even the most ordinary of spaces takes on a fairy-tale feel when this mysterious colour is brought into play.

Those who are unafraid of a challenge are sure to be tempt- ed by Burned Planks. Quick-Step drew its inspiration from an age-old Japanese technique, which involves burning wood to give a natural protective layer to the material, and from this created burned planks. The texture of burned wood is unique and creates a chic, contemporary space with a touch of drama!